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Goethe   Wall Street Journal Europe
"The Gallery: Goethe's Stormy and Serene Art Ideals

Goethe's education in art did not begin until he was nearly 40, and already a celebrated novelist, playwright, poet and statesman. During an extended tour of Italy from 1786 to 1788, Germany's literary hero eagerly became a student again, contemplating the Renaissance maters, examining classical ruins, forming his notions of an ideal art.

Metropolis   Wall Street Journal Europe
"Film's Architects of the Imagination" (PDF)

The movies have many seductive powers, among them the lure of alternative worlds filled with imaginary cities that are either distortions or more intense versions of our own. Their design is the subject of "Film Architecture: Set Designs from 'Metropolis' to 'Blade Runner,'" an intriguing exhibition at the neighboring Deutsches Filmmuseum and Deutsches Architektur-Museum here (until Sept 8).


  Wall Street Journal Europe
"German Museum Re-Creates Rothschild's Rise and Splendor

Everything about the Rothschilds was huge - their wealth, their number, their interests, their influence on the rise of modern Europe. The family and its businesses financed the Prussian government, the British stake in the Suez Canal and the Austrian railway, among much else.

Indian Modern Art   ArtsATL     
“Exhilirating ‘Goddess, Lion, Peasant, Priest: Modern and Contemporary Indian Art”

In 1947, India became a new country — free and hopeful, yet traumatized and mutilated at the same time. The last ships of the British Empire sailed away, vast territories were lopped off at partition to form West and East Pakistan, and a million people were killed in murderous violence between Hindus and Muslims. This bloody year of liberation gave rise to India’s modern art movement.


artnews cover   ARTnews
"The Painter's Priory

When the French painter Maurice Denis (1870 - 1943) bought his estate in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, a lovely town outside Paris where the kings of France had once lived, he acquired an imposing house, a chapel, and a rambling, over-grown garden close to ruins.





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