Richard Blanco Guernica / a magazine of art & politics
“Building in Verse”

An interview with poet Richard Blanco. Barack Obama’s inaugural poet on writing through cultural dualities, the pleasure of bilingualism, and why “the poem is a kind of mathematical proof.”

Kevin Young Guernica / a magazine of art & politics
“The Everyday Extraordinary” 

An interview with poet Kevin Young. The acclaimed writer and scholar on expanding autobiography, the importance of elegy, and the centrality of blues to experience.

Rosemary Daniell The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"’70s Era Rabble-Rouser Rosemary Daniell Nurtures New Writers”

The red Mustang parked on a manicured property in Buckhead belongs to Rosemary Daniell. Once the bad girl of Southern letters who shook the literary establishment of the 1970s with her feminist essays and sexually explicit poems, Daniell has come up from Savannah to lead the monthly Zona Rosa writers group. It’s a twin of the creative writing workshop for women she founded in Savannah in 1981, during a period of emotional drift.

Immigrants New York Newsday
"Whether in Ties or T-Shirts; Immigrants are Outsiders" (PDF)

Herr Judge was 22 years old and his dark hair was turning silver with anxiety. He and I were students in the same German class at the Berlitz school, foreigners who had made different odysseys to Frankfurt. I moved here to marry, he to escape the civil war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Article image New York Newsday
"Ordinary Nazis and the Persistence of Memory"

My compartment was empty as the Johann Strauss pulled out of Frankfurt's main station on a cloudy April morning, starting the day-long journey south to Vienna. When the train stopped at Wurzburg, a fairy-tale Baroque town in northern Bavaria, an elderly German man entered my compartment.

article image New York Newsday
"Taking Stock of the New Museum tour de France"

France is neither the leading political nor economic power in the western world, but it is energetically reinforcing its position as a cultural preserve. Of course, the French are renowned for the pride they take in their art, cuisine and history.

Article Image New York Newsday
"Old Tensions Haunt New Europe's Financial Capital"

"I meet the whole of Europe in the elevator," Dr. Otmar Issing cheerfully tells our gathering of foreign correspondents. He's describing life at he brand new European Central Bank, which draws its staff from the 11 nations of the new European monetary union.

Article Image Bombay
"The Mujra Girls of Kennedy Bridge"

In the days of maharajas, they performed in royal music rooms and were part of the entourage on wedding trips and hunts. Princes and nawabs paid them silver coins and presented them jewels. Mujra artistes, in those days, were exponents of Kathak and classical music. Today they wiggle about like film heroines before mafiosos and petty businessmen.






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